Sales Training

Sales Training

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Sales Training

Sales Training with Simple Learning Objectives

8 Hours sales session online

1) What are the sales challenges in today’s economy?

2) How to generate leads?

3) What is lead management?

4) What is the sales forecasting?

5) What is Market research?

6) How to set prospect qualification criteria?

7) What is sales cycle?

8) What is transactional selling?

9) What is consultative selling?

10) How to define robust sales process?

11) How to close successful sales?

12) What are the important skills needed to succeed in sales?

13) What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

14) What is the psychology of selling?

15) How to build sales pipeline?

16) How to handle rejection?

17) How to handle stressful situations in sales?

18) How important is the product knowledge?

19) How to identify customer needs?

20) How to qualify opportunities?

21) What are techniques demonstrating capabilities?

22) How to overcome objections?

23) What is unique selling preposition?

24) What is account?

25) What is account mapping?

26) What is elevator pitch?

27) How to use social media for effective lead generation?

28) How to negotiate with clients?

29) How to create a sales plan?

30) What is the difference between B2B and B2C sales models?

31) How to create your references and customer evangelists?

32) How to manage sales teams?

33) What is the Sales CRM?

34) What are the effective follow up techniques?

35) What is digital Marketing?

36) How to manage competition?

37) What are the product marketing approaches?

38) What is Brand Management?

39) What is personal branding?

40) How to create loyal customers?


4999.00 3990.00